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Our Creatively Designed Programmes

3. GroupTime

Learn to care for animals Learn to help others during flooding
Learn to symphatize with other people Working on a puppet project

Our Focus.

We nurture your child's emotions

In Group Time, activities are mostly role plays, story tellings, real-life simulations, - to help your child understand their emotions and of other people and to help them cope with their feelings in positive ways.

Topics and Activities.

Fun Activities for the month of October

Topic Activities
Farm AnimalsLearn to care and show love to animals
Staying HealthyLearn to share good food with others
Safety at home and schoolLearn about helping other people in distress
We are friendsLearn about making friends and sharing gifts with others


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  • Play & Learn
  • Time : 1 hour / session
  • Fee : RM 20 / session
  • Every Tuesday at 3pm
  • Special deals
  • RM 90

    per month
  • Free : 4 th session
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